Place of Interest in Bali

Bali Barat National Park
Bali's largest nature reserve encompasses 70,000 hectares of rainforest and 7,000 hectares of coral reefs and is home to many rare species of fauna. You will found some wild animal including The Green Jungle Fowl, Black Monkey, hundreds of birds, Monitor Lizards, and deers beside the other endemic birds of this park. The paved roads is good and is possible to travel with any kind of car even in the rainy season. When we enter the small drinking place, the excitement was getting stronger. We hidden around the trees and saw some animals walked slowly to enter that place. It's highly recomended to bring the long distance camera and infra red binocular. For detailed itinerary, and Others National Parks in Indonesia, please contact us

Stone figures on the roadside mark the village of Batubulan, the center of stone carving in Bali. Divinities and demons are carved from sandstone to be used in houses and temples, or to be placed before entrances and on road intersections.Workshops are open for visitor to see artists at work. back to top

Batur Caldera
The enormous crater basin of Batur is a spectacular sight. Dominating its entre is Mt. Batur, a brooding, blackened cone that erupted four times last century. Six small villages ... out an existence within the walls of the caldera, peopled by a simple mountain folk known as Bali Aga ("original Balinese"). back to top

The cool highland resort of Bedugul on the shores of Lake Brantan has become a popular retreat for tourists and residents alike. back to top

Bali's "Mother Temple" is sprawling complex of shrines and pavilions set high on the slopes of sacred Mt. Agung. back to top

Celuk and Mas Village
observed its gold and silver work, Mas Village to see the traditional local wood carver creates their creation. back to top

Kerta Gosa
The Kerta Gosa Hall of Justice is a small pavilion adorned with fantastic ceiling murals. In the 18th century it was Bali's highest court of law. back to top

Enjoy spectacular views of Mount Batur, with ribbons of black lava running down from the peak into the valley below. back to top

Kuta Beach
As a the traditional starting point for travelers an being the center of tourist activity, Kuta is claim to famous much to its white clean sandy beach and the magnificent sunset. It has earned a reputation as a beach paradise, attracting surfers and swimmers. There is a great selection of restaurants and bars and whether it be day or night you will always find something to see and do in Kuta. The nightlife is many and varied and goes on long into the night. The wide variety and number of shops and street vendors selling rattan bags, batik shirts and a range of other interesting... back to top

Goa Gajah
The ancient hermitage of Goa Gajah (elephant cave) near Bedulu is one of Bali's most intriguing archeological sites, comprising a man-made grotto, elaborate stone carving and Buddhist stupas. back to top

Goa Lawah
A unique temple outside a cave, which shelters 1000's of bats, hence the name Goa Lawah or Bat Cave. It is said that the cave extends all the way to the base of Mt. Agung. back to top

Lovina Beach
Lovina is an 8 km strip black sand on Bali's arid northern coast, renowned for its serenity and a local school of dolphins. back to top

Nusa Dua
Bali's premier resort location and some of the most famous hotels in Asia are found in Nusa Dua among them the Hilton, Hyatt, Club Med. Their located here attract visitors from all over the world. Most hotels are first class and above, and the facilities that they all offer for both individuals as well as families make this one of Bali's best holiday resort areas. Some of this hotels have private beaches with tranquil and clean water. The beach at Nusa Dua is sheltered by coral reef, creating an ideal family beach.back to top

Nusa Lembongan
A small island off Bali's southeast coast, popular for its white sand beaches and quite pace of life. Several cruise operator offer day-trips from Benoa Harbour. back to top

Sangeh Monkey Forest
Populated by a large troupe of monkeys, this thick stand of nutmeg trees is believed by legend to have fallen out of the sky during a mythic battle between the gods, carrying with it a battalion of Wisnu's monkey army. back to top

The resort area of Sanur has grown up around Bali's largest traditional village and today boast excellent facilities for the international visitor. back to top

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot is a stunning 15th century sanctuary located on Bali's south coast, built a top rocky mound that at high tide is completely surrounded by water. back to top

Taman Ayun
Taman Ayun in Mengwi is Bali's second largest temple complex. The temple is located on ground surrounded by a wide moat. The stone-carved gate at the entrance is impressive. back to top

One of the original Bali "Aga" (original Bali) villages where people have lived undisturbed by outside influence for centuries. back to top

Some of Bali's most interesting diving is found at Tulamben, where the shallow wreck of a WW II US cargo ship is now festooned with colourful corals and schools of tropical fish. back to top

Ubud Village
Ubud is one hour from Denpasar, is located in the cooler hills. Ubud is the artistic and cultural heart of Bali, the centre of the Balinese paintings, an ideal place to see Balinese dance. Legong, Ramayana, Baris, Kecak, and Fire Dance are perfomed nightly in or around Ubud area. Ubud has many museums, gallery such as Puri Lukisan Museum, Seniwati Gallery , Komaneka Gallery, Antonio Blanco's gallery, Neka Museum. Visit also the Monkey Forest - walk along Monkey Forest Road from Ubud, down into the dense forest where you will find a bunch of happy monkeys waiting for passing tourists. (The monkeys are happy but just a little naughty, so hold on tight to your cameras, bags, eyeglasses) . Ubud's surroundings offer many rewarding walks an excursions up hill and enjoying long strolls through the countryside.
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Perched on a limestone cliff 70 metres above the Indian Ocean, this 11th century temple is one of Bali's holiest sites. back to top

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