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Baliem Valley of Irian Jaya

The Baliem Highlands is centered on the Grand Valley some 1,600 meters above sea level. Temperatures of the highland are ranged from 26 degrees Celsius at the day time and 12 degrees at night.. The valley is 60 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide and is surrounded on all sides by mountain peaks rising to between 2,500 and 3,000 meters.This valley has been the most visited part of the island, especially in recent years. This valley is home to the Dani tibesmen. They are living in primitive way of farming.

Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem festival is the main even festival held in August (generally between 9 -14 August). The highlight of the festival is the mock tribal fighting where men from villages dress up in full traditional custom (regalia). The festival also feature plenty of traditional dancing, as well as Dani music. Feats of pigs cooked using hot rock, pig races, flower festival, exhibitions of traditional archery are also an integral part.




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