Kalimantan, Indonesia


This giant muddy river is the highway to the interior. The Mahakam divides itself into three geographical sections. The lower Mahakam, stretches from Samarinda to Muara Prahu just beyond Lake Jembang, an easy tour for visitors short on time. The middle Mahakam includes a series of villages and the upper Mahakam, is an isolated region generally reached by plane at the Datah Dawai airfield at Long Lunuk..

Most visiors see only the lower and middle Mahakam, the key to doing the whole river cheaply is to take regular boats (not charters) all the way . The upper Mahakam and Apo Kayan district are the best places in East Kalimantan to see relatively undisurbed Dayak culture. Samarinda is the usual starting point for trips up the Mahakam.

The river safari is a river touring along the great Mahakam river with house boat wehich is fully equipped with the normal standard of a floating house. You will traveling along the river with this floaring house while enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding river side. More over, we will also pay some visit to the Dayak villages nearby which are most built on piles above the water. You will welcome by the local dancer performing their traditional ritual dance before you, just like a prince returning from the battle field, enjoy the jeep drive with our guide team to the hinterland of East Borneo to meet the indigenous people at home, at their natural village. This trip will be of once a life time trip for you.


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