The Dayak Culture, Kalimantan

"Dayak" is a collective name for over 200 different tibes living throughout Borneo's interior . They are the true 'people of the jungle'. The Dayak people lives in the hinterland along the banks of major river and in long houses. It is customary for them to live with a whole extended family or with one clan. Each family has their own compartment and the chief of the clan will occupy the central chamber. The Dayak house offers protection from enemies, wild animal and flooding. The space beneath the house is used a stable for keeping their domestic animals, such as pigs and chickens.

The Dayak Tribes, the indigenous people of Kalimantan were some of the fierce head-hunters. Today, they are no longer collect grisly trophies; the men hunt with blowguns while the women weave baskets of rattans using age-old patterns and techniques or together hack their fields out of the jungle, burning the brush to provide nutrients to the poor soil.

The Dayak tribes of Central Kalimantan is settled along the Lamandau river, another river systems of Pangkalan Bun to the north. About one third of the area are TUMON Dayaks, mostly Christian, who were evangelized in the late 1920s and early 1930s. About 10% are Traditional Religion called Kaharingan. The most we travel to the north the most traditional the tribes are and the transportation is more limited. To reach the area, speedboat is the only alternative. In some area you have to change the transportation to the motorized long boat. Although the area is not traditional anymore, but the Dayak tribes is still maintain their traditional cultures and stuffs from their head hunting age. The facilities in this area are very limited. You will stay in their houses or traditional long house with poor conditions of facilities. However, our guide will ensure you to enjoy and comfortable the trips.

Our trips will take you to explore the mighty Mahakam river and it's tributaries to meet the Dayak Tribes and experience their mystical arts & cultures, trekking through the jungle in searching for the exotic flora and fauna. Our experienced and naturalist guide will make you understand about everything you want to know about the Kalimantan Rain Forest and all creatures live in it and the cultures of the Dayak Tribes.

Their body is usually decorated with intricate tattoo, and it is interesting to notice that they have stretched ear lobes because of the weight of heavy gold rings. They love colorful beads, which applied on their apparels, basket,or other jewelries.

To make medicines or poision, a Dayak healer has to walk or journey by boat for miles away to find leafs, roots or other distinctive herbs. Dayak tribes once commonly used blowguns (sumpit - ) both in hunting pigs and hunting humans.

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