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Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands scaterred in the Bay of Jakarta, accessible ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours by speedboat off Marina Jaya Ancol or Tanjung Kait. The Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu consist of around 340 isles, including sand bars.

Set in a clean blue sea filled with myriad of tropical fish living among muticolored corals, the Thousand Islands are tremendously tempting places to spenc your vacation. Some of them have been developed into holiday resorts for real lovers of sea, sand and sun.

Furnished with ample, holiday comforts such as accommodation, restaurants, pools and other sport facilities it is an ideal place for a change from the routinism of your life. For water sports and underwater world lovers, it's a paradise.

Pulau Ayer Island Resort & Cottages
Located about 14 kilometers north of Jakarta, or 30 minutes boat trip from Marina Ancol, Jakarta, part of the Thousand Island's covering a total area of 60 hectares, a beautiful spot to witness the famed sunset of the Jakarta bay.

Bidadari Island Resort
Being the nearest Island Resort, Pulau Bidadari is reachable in 20 minutes ride on speedboat, about 15 kms, from the Ancol's Marina. The cottages are built among trees which provide shady and comfortable envronment giving you the feeling of being integrated with the nature. And those floating over the sea give you the touch of fishermen's home atmosphere.

Pelangi Island Resort
Pelangi Island is 70 kms from Marina Ancol, Jakarta and can be reached by speedboat around one and a half hour trip.Densely covered by lush palm and pine trees which is surrounded by watch sandy beach in the middle of silver clean blue waters will make this green tropical Pelangi Island on ideal gateway to enjoy the sea, sand and sun.

Putri Resort Hotel
Located just a few breast-stroke away from Jakarta, Putri Island offers paradisian beauty on its soft and white sandy beach and crystal clear water all around. A holiday resort of which you will dream to return over and over again.

Alam Kotok Island Resorts
Alam Kotok offers a chance to holiday in the untouched island habitat of the exotic " Thousand Island" just 90 minutes from Jakarta. This peaceful tropical atoll has been kept in its original pristine state, the flora and the fauna undisturbed by cozy cottages tucked amongst the foliage, looking out to sea. Here the only sounds are the wind in the trees, birdsong, and the gentle waves lapping the shore. Discover the gentle rhytm of island life, diving the colorful coral reefs, swimming and wandering at leisure.

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