Carstensz Pyramid

"Climb the highest peak in Oceania, Australiasia continent the Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 M), one of the famous world's 'Seven Summit' located in the central highland of Irian Jaya Province, Indonesia".

This mountain was named after Jan Carstensz, a Dutch explore who was the first European to sight the peak. There are several starting points and routes to approach the Carstensz Base Camp are available. Trekking from Ilaga Village or Singa village.

To climb Carstensz, beside needs a good physical conditions, it is also required for anyone wants to climb Carstensz to have rock climbing ability, familiar with jumar, prusik etc. There are about 8 different ropes we need while ascending. The route heading to the summit of Carstensz Pyramid has some of terrains that can be climbed without ropes and is little more than scrambling, but other sections will require fully belayed pitches up to a grade 5.8 rock standard. In addition, some parts of the razorback summit ridge, while technically straightforward, are very exposed.

The mountain is coarse limestone, which provides excellent friction for climbing boots but can be particularly rough on ungloved hands.

The route is suitable for climbers of modest experience as long as they have some recent rock climbing experience or are prepared to undertake some training prior to departure


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