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Irian Jaya province comprises the western half of the huge island of New Guinea situated just northern tip of Australia. The eastern half of the island is another country of Papua New Guinea. This easternly province is part of one of the world's last frontiers and almost totally covered in tropical rainforest. From snow capped peaks to palm fringed beaches, this is definitley a destination for the adventure traveller. It features wilder landscapes and more impenetrable, treacherous jungle than any other tropical region in the world, including the Amazon Basin.

The variety of flora and fauna with steamy mangrove swamps in the lowland coastal areas rising to tropical rain forest in the island's heart is the major attraction. Hundreds of rivers dump staggering quantities fo silt in the lowland plains making them prone to flooding as well as creating a home for some fantastic species of birds.

The population of this province is about 2 million. About 10 percent of the population live in the cool central highlands of Baliem Valley, which is the home for ancient tribe the Dani, Lani and Yali . The other tribes are : Asmat and Karowai.

Almost half of this province - was once base of the American and Allied Force during the Pacific War led by General Douglas Mc Arthur - is hilly or mountainous and about ten major peaks reach over 4,000 meters. The tallest is Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 meter above sea level/16,023 feet) from which flows a glacier.

This province offers the traveller an adventure beyond comparison. Sail emerald waters, discover underwater realms never experienced, visit traditional villages unchanged in centuries. The marine underwater is rich, exotic and unique. Raja Ampat Islands is one of the popular diving sites.

Hot and humid on the coastal fringes. Mountain areas above 1,800 meters are warm in the daytime but sometimes experience frosts at night. The climate varies through the highlands. Because of its phenomenal rainfall - in some places up to 1,000 cm per annum - this region possesses some of Indonesia's largest river.

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