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Wildlife in Indonesia

This archipelago amazingly rich in animal and plant life, it has at least 28,000 species of flora , 3,500 species of fauna and 600 reefs species. Orangutan, tigers, one horned rhinos, elephants, dugongs, Tarsius - the smallest monkey in the world, Komodo dragons and the Giant "Leatherback"sea turtle (Dermoelys Coriacea) - one of the world's largest reptiles and the surviving largest turtle, with a maximun length of about two meters and weight up to over 550 kg - are the proud of this country.

Of approximately 1,500 bird species world-wide, 430 are found in this country and nowhere else. There are peacocks, pheasants, partridges, turkey-sized pigeons, and jungle fowl who incubate their eggs in volcanic steam. Black ibis fly in V-formations, the blue-crowned hanging parrot of the Riaus emist sharp penetrating notes, the glossy black talking mynah of Nias mimics gibbons, and the rhinoceros hornbill of the Kalimantan jungle cackles gleefully with human-like laughter. The spectacular Wilson's Bird of Paradise could only be seen in Batanta Island, Irian Jaya.

The most expedient way to view plant and animal life is to visit one of its in nature reserves.



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