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Kalimantan or Indonesian Borneo is the place to explore. It is administratively divided into four provinces :West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. This world’s third largest island covering the area of 747,000 square kilometer and covered by one of the world’s largest stretches of tropical rain forest through which flows tremendous mighty rivers which are the island’s highway.

Talking about Kalimantan means talking about the ingedious Dayak tribe and the thick rainforest. The Dayak Tribes, the indigenous people of Kalimantan were some of the fierce head-hunters. Today, they are no longer collect grisly trophies; the men hunt with blowguns while the women weave baskets of rattans using age-old patterns and techniques or together hack their fields out of the jungle, burning the brush to provide nutrients to the poor soil.

Rivers are the main transportation arteries in this island since Kalimantan is crisscrossed by giant rivers, including the Mahakam, the Kayan, the Barito, the Sampit, and the huge Kapuas. River deltas and much of the southern coastal areas are swampy. Through the Mahakam river, the journey will be long enough, since it is the longest river in Kalimantan. You would not regret it because you will pass the floating villages and the panorama of the forest. Hopefully you may be lucky to see a Belian (witch doctor), dressed in his leaves skirt, healing his patients. Usually this ritual will be at night with a special performaces to their ancestors.

The island is rich with many fascinating and endemic wildlife; the orangutans, probosicis monkeys, gibbons and species of monkeys, Argus pheasants, snakes including the three species of flying snakes, sun bears, 600 hundred species of birds including the hornbills which play an important role in the Dayak mythology. The exotic plants includes the rare black orchids, carnivrous pitcher plants, 70 meter trees including the hardest wood in the rain forest “Iron Wood” and many more.

Symbolically, the forest's most important creature is the black hornbill, the Dayak soul carrier. The hornbill's barking can disturbs the peace as it glides slowly and rhytmically. Hundreds of other exotic birds include parrots, parakeets, argus and crested fireback pheasants, bul-buls, flycatchers, quail, black partridges, and pigeons. There are 89 species of frogs, beautiful metallic green and blue butterflies.

Trekking to the deepest jungle, the heart of Kalimantan and crossing the island from West coast to East coast is one of the challenging adventure. Some rockly mountains and rivers are also promising to be explore by climbers and rafters.

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