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Indonesia who boasts the most biodiversity reefs on earth, is blessed with abundant marine life, more mangrove forests than any other nations. No one really knows how many islands there are in Indonesia, but with over 17,000 of them, its total coastline sweep a staggering 80,000 kilometers and 3.1 million sq kilometers of territorial waters.

The waters surrounding the islands of Indonesia form the richest marine habitat on earth. Indonesia lies at the epicenter of species diversity for the entire tropical Indo-Pacific region. Perhaps 3,000 species of fish, and several hundred species of coral populate the reefs off the larger Indonesian islands.

This region as a tropical area, exposed to the strong sunlight that makes the tropical waters so much richer than temperate waters, giving the animals a long time to diversity. There are so many species present on the Indonesian reefs. Indonesia is the least known of the world's best dive location. Depending on aptitude and attitude, there is diving to suit all desires. 

Marine Tourism in Eastern Part of Indonesia
The abundant reef life, unexplored  white sandy beaches and the waves, newly discovered marine fauna, and little-explored ship and aircraft wreck make marine tourism in eastern part of Indonesia an exciting exploration.  Sailing by Phinisi Schooner to get to the marine tourism site is the best choice. There are also so many spots of  fishing  scattered in Indonesia archipelago

  • The first isles of a far east Indonesian chain of islands are collectively known as Nusa Tenggara. These islands, which area also known as Lesser Sunda range across 1,300 kilometers of sea-from Lombok at their western and to Timor to the east.

  • Some of the sites for diving are Maumere, Flores, Sumba, Kupang, West Timor, Roti, Alor and Komodo National Park. These areas provide the closest diving for North Australia-based divers.

  • Sumba is also known for its adventure fishing game. Billfishing is the popular one, and September is the month to visit Sumba if you want to hook into a billfish. To respect these magnificent creatures, people are not only loving to catch them but also releasing them back to where they belong.

  • Irian jaya, rich and unexplored water. Irian Jaya is one of the last really wild places on earth. Cenderawasih "bird of paradise Bay and the Raja Ampat islands hold some stunning, unexplored reefs. Dozen of excellent dive sites lie just a few minutes away from the two main Sorong area base camps. Diving in Irian will give you a unique experience.

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