Diving in Kupang

You could find healthy growths of hard and soft corals, and some big animals : mantas, sharks, turtles, rays, Napoleon wrasse, large groupers or bumphead parrotfish. The  medium-sized reef fishes were also well-represented here, incuding sweetlips, batfish, anglefish, triggerfish and parrotfish. Butterflyfish and damselfish, bu Indonesian standards, were scarce, as were schooling fish. Invertebrates - particularly nudibranchs, worms, crustaceans and echinoderms - were always plentiful. But visibility never exceeded 12 meters, and averaged 7 - 10 meters. Occasionally, it dropped to just 2 - 3 meters. Diving is good year-round, but visibility reaches its peak from August to September.

Reef type : Mostly walls, some nicely pocked with caves
Access : 45 min by boat from Kupang
Visibility : Poor, 7 - 10 meters; sometimes worse, rarely to 12 meters.
Current : Gentle or none; occasionally to 1.5 knots
Coral : Generally good coverage and varieties
Fish : Generally good numbers and varieties, particularly big fish.
Highlights : Stingrays at some sites; rich invertebrate life observed on a night dive

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