Togean Island

Located in the gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi, Togean islands complex covered an area of 70,000 ha of land and nearly 200,000 ha of surrounding sea area. Approximately 30,000 peoples living at the island, making their livelihood most of the sea and inhabiting 37 villages scattered on the 7 major islands of the islands group. This area is very productive in terms of fishes and other marine harvest.

These islands group were formed by volcanic activity. The land is densely covered by lush vegetation, while the surrounding sea is covered by ancient coral reef formation. Both the terrestrial and marine ecosystem, are rich in exotic wild life. Many of the endangered animals found in Togean can be found nowhere else on the world.

The land is the home for many kinds of creatures eg, the Togean macaque, the babi rusa, Sulawesi hornbill, and hanging parrot.  While the marine ecosystem provides fascinating coral reef formation, itís the habitat and breeding areas of hawksbill turtle, green turtle, dugong, and hundreds of colourful fishes. Approximately 200 species has been identified.

Many of the endangered animals found in Togean can be found nowhere else on earth.  The islands group of Togean is classified as high priority marine conservation area. The Togean islands are picturesque archipelago of seven primary islands within Indo-Pacific coral triangle in Central Sulawesi.

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