Krakatau and Ujung Kulon

Diving in the waters of Krakatau, the rocky islands forming the crater of an underwater volcano in the Sunda Strait of West Java, or in the waters around the Ujung Kulon peninsula in southwest Java, is not the best to be found in Indonesia. But the seascape of cracked volcanic rock around Krakatau, and the caves and tunnels around Ujung Kulon provide an interesting underwater experience.

To reach these site, one must overland to Anyer or Labuhan from Jakarta and then take a boat to the dive sites. It takes about 4-hours crossing from Anyer to Krakatau.

Reef type : Volcanic rock slabs and formations, some reef.
Access : 4 hrs from Anyer by boat for Krakatau; Ujung Kulon sites 15-30 min from
    ranger station
Visibility : Fair to good, 10 - 20 meters
Current : Gentle to 1 knot; swells and 1.5 knot current at Ujung Kulon sites
Fish : Fair to good variety
Highlights : Strange underwater landscape at Krakatu; rock tunnels at Karang
    Copong, good coral at Tg. Jajar.

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