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Traditional Village Tour
This special tour to a traditional Balinese Village, shows the activities of daily life in Bali. It feature a visit to Batubulan Village with its traditional Balinese house compound after which we move on to Bukit Jati hill to enjoy the view of the rice terraces. A visit to Panglipuran follows where you will notice that the entrance gate, its style, condition and layout is nearly always the same. Next we will visit the Kehen Temple which was build in the 13th century. Lunch will be taken at Bukit Jambul overlooking the Indian Ocean. Before returning to your hotel we will visit the Old Court and Justice of Kertagosa at Klungkung. Back to the top

Jatiwulih and Spectacular Rice Terrace Tour
A full day tour exploring a number of the most beautiful sights of the island. We start by visiting the Subak (irrigation system) Museum. Our trip continues to the hot spring on the banks of the river that originates near the Volcano. We will see some of Bali's most stunning scenery with spectacularly terraced rice fields at Jatiwulih. Lunch is taken at a restaurant nearby overlooking the undulating rice fields. Our last stop will be at Baha village where we see at typical "Angkul-angkul" entrance to a house compound made out of mud.
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Volcano and Art Village Tour
A full day tour to Mount Batur, well known for its magnificent views. Seeing a Barong Dance which is followed by visit Celuk to observed its gold and silver work, Mas Village to see the traditional local wood carver creates their creation, and Ubud the home of painters. We proceed to Bedulu to observe the rock carving at the Elephant Cave. We stop for lunch at Penelokan where you can enjoy the marvellous scenery of the still active volcano and the beautiful blue Lake Batur. On the return journey we visit Gunung Kawi temple at Sebatu with its impressive holy springs. At the last stop you will witness the traditional hand batik and weaving process. Back to the top

Besakih the Biggest Temple Tour
This is a full day excursion featuring a visit to the greatest temple of Bali. The tour will take you to the waterfall at Kemenuh Village. You will be shown a traditional technique of tie and dye weaving in Gianyar. Next we visit Klungkung to visit the old Court and Justice of Kerta Gosa. Lunch is taken at a restaurant in Bukit Jambul while overlook the Indian Ocean. We finally drive up to Bali's biggest and holiest temple at Besakih,majestically located on the slope of the scared Mt. Agung. Back to the top

Karangasem Tenganan Tour
This tour is especially designed to introduce the eastern part of Bali. The tour includes a visit to Bona Village which is the center of the bamboo home furniture industry. Next we move on to Goa Lawah (the Bat's cave temple) where thousands of bats are hanging on the rim of the cave. We visit Tenganan, and isolated native Balinese village where people have lived undisturbed by outside influence for centuries. We come across Tirta Gangga the tranquil and ancient bathing pool of the former king of the area. We drive through Selat village to see the very large Salak (snack fruit) plantation with beautiful view of the rice fields. Lunch is served at Bukit Jambul, overloking the Indian Ocean. Back to the top

Beautiful Country Side Tour
This is really a particularly scenic country side tour which offers a chance visiting Pacung with its scenic views of terrace rice fields. Next we travel up to the Botanical Gardens to view the collection of plants and the orchid house. Afterwards we continue to Bedugul to enjoy the cooler weather and lush vegetation together with Ulun Danu temple and Batukaru mountain. On the way to a restaurant we pass by the monkey forest from where we can one again enjoy a view of beautiful landscape. We drive back via Pupuan with its spectacular scenery of lush green rice terraces, coffee and clove plantation. Back to the top

Kintamani - Besakih Tour
This exursion combines a visit to Bali's two active volcanoes, Kintamani and Besakih. We start with a performance of the Barong and Kris dances, followed by visit to Celuk village to see the local artist create gold and silver handicraft and Mas village to observe traditional wood carver create their creation by traditional way. We proceed on to Bedulu to observe the rock carving in the Elephant cave. Lunch is at Kintamani while you enjoy beautiful view of the active volcano and Lake Batur. We continue on Besakih where the largest temple in Bali is located on the slope of the active volcano Mt. Agung. Back to the top

Bedugul a cool mountain lake resort tour
Experience this tropical sightseeing tour to visit Tanah Lot temple which is placed on a huge rock surrounded by sea and an ideal beach to relax. We continue on to Alas Kedaton (monkey forest) where you will be welcomed by tame and friendly monkeys. You will also notice bats hanging in the tops of the trees. In Bedugul located on the shores of Lake Brantan you will notice the cook mountain breeze and view the Ulun Danu temple. After lunch on the return journey we will visit beautiful Taman Ayun temple which is from the Royal Mengwi Dynasty. Back to the top

Singaraja black sandy beach tour
This beautiful drive allows you to enjoy the greenery that is hidden beauty of Bali. Candi Kuning will be your first stop to see the local fruit market, Bedugul with its cooler climate, Ulun Danu temple and the views of Batukaru mountain are really worth visiting. We also visit Banjar, famous for its hot spring water, Lunch is taken at Lovina where you can enjoy the Bali Sea with its black sand beaches. We return via Bali's Old Capital, Singaraja and Bali highest waterfall at Gitgit. Back to the top

Tanah Lot Sunset Tour
This tour features a visit to one of Bali's most beautiful temples called Taman Ayun which remains from the Royal Mengwi Dynasty. On the way we visit Alas Kedaton (monkey forest) where you will find thousand of friendly monkeys. Tanah Lot which is one of Bali's most important sea temples is built on top of a huge rock surrounded by the sea at high tide. A beautiful silhoutte is seen at sunset. Back to the top

Ubud Art Village & Monkey Tour
This is a trip to Ubud, the center of Balinese art. Firstly we views the traditional Balinese hand Batik and weaving process. We proceed to Celuk, famous for its gold and silver smith, Batuan to visit a Traditional Balinese house compound before going to Mas the home of wood carving and then the monkey forest to see the friendly and tame monkeys. After having lunch at a local restaurant with a nice view we will see some traditional Balinese painting. Back to the top

Nusa Dua Water Sport Tour
Please enjoy your water sport activities at Tanjung Benoa which is the best place for parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, snorkeling, diving and many other activities. We have a look around the five star hotels in Nusa Dua before we proceed to the southern most trip of Bali at Uluwatu Temple, situated on a cliff top overlooking the Indian Ocean. Back to the top

Bali Bird Park Tour.
Discover the Bali Bird Park with all its magic. Enroute we visit the traditional stone carving at Batubulan village. At Bali Bird Park you will be able to see Komodo Dragons and over 1000 birds in a spectacular Rain Forest walk away. After visiting the Bird Park we proceed to Celuk with its gold and silver smiths and to Batuan to view a temple. There's also a visit to a waterfall at Kemenuh village and to Bali's most famous wood carvers. After lunch we will mingle with friendly and tame monkeys at the Monkey Forest before heading westward to see the scenic beauty of the Sayan Terraces above the Ayung River.Back to the top

Legong Dance
The Legong dance is an old classical most exquisite Balinese dance which is danced by girl dressed in gold brocades and flowered head dresses. This dance is uniquely Balinese in style requiring preuse body placement with swift and dramatic changes in directions and specific use of the eyes and hands accompanied by strong musical accents, to understand something of Balinese dancing one must see the Legong. Back to the top

Kecak and Fire Dance Tour
The Kecak and Fire Dance is one of the most famous of all Balinese dances created in the 20th century. It shows the unique contemporary quality of the classic story of the Ramayana. In the dance the moving and swaying of bodies is interwoven with the sound of nature in an orchestration of voices which puts the dancer into a trance. Ultimately it tells the story of the triumph of good over evil. Back to the top

Denpasar City Tour
This tour provides an insight into the daily life of the Balinese people. The Bali Museum has a splended collection of art and artifacts from the prehistoric period. Next door is the traditional market with its colorful scenes and bustle of everyday Balinese life. We also visit the Werdi Budaya Art Center where Balinese artists are trained and to display their creations.
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