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Bali has been enchanting its guests from centuries. As one of the most beautiful islands on earth, Bali witness a colorful tapestry of ceremonies, dances and cultural performances. Bali has diverse history and culture , the balinese remain unique and virtually untainted by sheer number of people who visit Bali. 

 We are glad to welcome you to  this exotic island ,Bali

With 5,700 sq. kilometers and inhabited by approximately 3 million people, Bali boasts the finest beaches in Asia, even in the world where the warm waters of India Ocean lap the white sands of Sanur and Kuta located on the eastern and western coasts of the southern part of the Bali island. The Nusa Dua peninsula on the southern tip is still growing as a tourist resort.

Bali is the land of 10,000 temples. In BaliThe "pura" is the central place for worship, civic, family and social gathering. Bali dance, drama and ritual and cremation ceremonies are an integral part of Balinese Hindu Cultures. A vibrant culture, unique arts and ceremonies, a friendly people and scenic beauty make Bali an island almost unreal in today's changing world It is therefore the main destination for pleasure tourists to Indonesia. Bali's international airport, Ngurah Rai, is the nation's eastern gateway, served by numerous international airlines and charter flights.

Bali's culture is based on its unique form of Hinduism called "Hindu Darma" which has been retained after the Islamization of Java. Since then, it has developed through the centuries. Though the caste system is observed, it is not as rigid as in India. In Bali, religion is the source of traditional customs in family and community life. Its influence is also strongly felt in the bali arts.

 Bali land
Bali  island  is dominated by mountains,  with a cluster of volcanoes of which one is the active Mount Agung and considered sacred. Terraced rice-fields dominate the landscape, with small streams bringing water for irrigation.

 Bali art
The attraction of Bali is its unique art and culture. It almost seems that every person is an artist in some form, whether it is painting, weaving, carving, basketry, etc., or even in decorations which are done at many shrines in public areas, on roads, paddy fields or in homes. Villagers spend their free time in these arts which are taught from a very young age.

The soul of the Balinese is in his religion, so it finds its expression in the arts. A friendly people, the Balinese who are more exposed to international tourists, generally speak more English than people in other parts of Indonesia. Keeping pace with the number of visitors and the need for their accommodation, more hotels have been built, from small bungalow types for the budget traveler to the luxurious Nusa Dua tourist resort area. Water sports have gained in popularity : surfing on Kuta, wind surfing at Sanur, sailing and scuba diving at several other tourist parts

A short, hot wet season is from November to March, and a longer, cooler dry season from April to October.


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