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We are a licensed local tour operator operates various tours all over Indonesia with many years experiences and  member of ASITA (Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies), PATA (Pacific and Asia Travel Association) and overseas allied member of JATA (Japan Association of Travel agency).

Originally, we operated many kinds of rough outdoor tours including mountain climbing, river and forest exploration, and many other tough activities. We have run those activities for many years. We have a large number of customers both at home and overseas. Therefore we have been trusted as local representatives of many travel agencies from abroad to run the trip for their customers in Indonesia.

In order to meet the various request and demand of all customers, we have expanded our operation which are not only cover the tough outdoor activities, but much softer trip with much easier access in which all ages of customers could participate.

Therefore, we are more than happy to launch our web site http://www.baliindonesiatours.com as the sister web of our http://www.adventureindonesia.com.

For your information all the trips we operate   involved the local people live nearby the destinations, so that we can directly control the Safety and Quality of our trips and provide our clients with the updated information and competitive tour costs, direct from us.

Bali Indonesia Tours is a sister company of Adventure Indonesia


Irian Jaya

Komodo Dragon

Jogya & Borobudur


Borneo and Dayak

Toraja Land

Traditional Festival

National Park

Mountain Climbing

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