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As one of the international travel destination, Bali has provided a lot of tourist attraction and activities for the comfort of the travelers.

Discover an unspoiled part of Bali in a very adventurous and unique way! We bring you to a part of Bali where you still can find old traditions alive. You will drive your self with a specially designed off road vehicle that copes with all kinds of terrain, through an authentic part of Bali, passing the rice fields, crossing jungle and driving through a Balinese kampung. The views during this tour are sometimes beyond description and the fact that you do this tour with only a few other participants makes the tour more exclusive. The ride starts from Payangan area, which is between 1 hour and 1 hour fifteen minutes driving from the popular tourist destinations of Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur. After driving some test tracks on our practice spot, you will be able to operate the Buggy yourself and start for some 2 hours of an adventurous sightseeing tour. After an approximately 40 minutes of driving, you can enjoy real Balinese coffee at a traditional house and have a quick rest. From there we continue the tour through some different landscapes, until we reach the ending point, where you can enjoy an extended lunch buffet (included).

Have you ever wondered what walking at the bottom of the ocean feels like? Now, for the first time in Bali you can do it. You can walk right through bottom of ocean and witness the sea life in person! Our unique diving system. Early Morning will take you down under the sea. A safe and exciting underwater adventure, Sea walker's unique diving system. Early Morning provides an opportunity to observe underwater world to a depth of 15 feet without problem. Early Mornings, and without getting their hair wet.
You will actually walk on bottom, rather than swim, while numerous exotic fish and sea life go about their rituals. You will have 25 minutes of actual underwater walk time to a maximum depth of 15 feet.
A large, full-faced window Sea walker helmet offers a close up view of the amazing creatures right in front of your eyes. Those with heart or lung problem. Early Mornings, on medication, pregnant, asthma or other respiratory ailments, etc are not allowed to dive.
A Sea walker safety lesson before dive covering hand signals, Early Morning emergency procedures, clearing ears, and so on is included. Tour time: Approximately 3 to 4 hours from pick up to drop off. If you have your own underwater camera, camera should be good for depth up to 8 meters. Quick snap marine camera is available to rent.

Travel in an original VW 181 Safari Jeep to the remote and mysterious areas of Bali, with the expertise of a professional tour guide by your side to visit the following place:

- Tanah Lot (a temple famous for its location on a barren rock jutting into the sea. We visit it in the mist of the morning, when there are no crowds. Tanah Lot was founded more than 500 years ago and dedicated to the god Shiva and the holy snake Basukian)
- Pura Luhur (you stop at the islands most mystical and sacred temple, an old site of ancestor worshipping. A little walk takes you through tropical rainforest down to a sparkling clear river. You will see teak and giant mahogany trees, orchids, ferns and colorful butterflies)
- Bedugul (the safari jeep climbs up to 1200 m to reach the mountain lakes of west Bali)
- Fruit and Spice Market (Discover Bali's most interesting market, offering a variety of Indonesian spices. Taste tropical fruits and admire the orchid gardens),
- Jatiluwih (Bali's most beautiful rice terraces, with a view of all of south Bali. You witness planting and harvesting of rice in a way it was done for thousands of years. Ask your guide to explain the worlds most astonishing and biggest irrigation system. You will stop at coffee plantations, take photos of cacao and clove trees, and vanilla farms. Afterwards you will be taken higher up into the mountains).
- Traditional Balinese Village (Impressions of Balinese life. We visit a farmer's family compound where we are introduced to Hindu beliefs, the meaning of house shrines, rites of passage and everyday Balinese life. We also learn how the famous fighting cocks are trained).
- Beratan Lake (Around noon you will continue your journey to famous lake Beratan, situated 4000 ft above see level)

Bali Bird Park and Village Tour (8 hours)
This trip is for the birds! The Bali Bird Park is an Eden-like home to a collection of rare and exotic birds from around the world. This award-winning park plays a pivotal role in the re-introduction into nature and conservation of the rare and endangered Bali Starling (Rothschild's Myna, above right). Join the birds "behind bars" and step into the huge tropical aviaries. After the bird park, a visit to Singapadu and Mas - centers of silver and wood working, before continuing on to the village of Ubud and its central market and the sacred monkey forest.

Kintamani Volcano and Barong Dance (8 hours)
Home to 5 volcanoes, including the sacred Mt. Agung, Kintamani and Mt. Batur must rank among the most dramatic and accessible live volcanoes to be found anywhere. Literally a volcano within a volcano, visitors can drive along the rim of a 8km wide caldera while looking across the still active Mt. Batur still spouting lava and slowly building new height.

This tour begins with a morning visit to a traditional Barong Dance - a classic dance-drama portraying the eternal struggle between the good and evil - the religious and the profane - ending when a group of entranced men run amok and try to stab themselves only to be rescued from their frenzy by a local priest able to break their spells with holy water. A visit to the village of Mas - a community of highly-skilled wood workers and onto Ubud - a chance to explore the village known for its almost countless number of artisans. From Ubud we travel inland to Mount & Lake Batur - at beautiful Kintamani - a town perched on the edge of a volcano's rim offering panoramic views of a still active volcano. After lunch we visit Kehen Temple - one of the finest temples in Bali. See the splendid closed Balinese gateway leading to a unique shrine of 11 tapering meru roofs, the highest architectural honor bestowed on this place believed to be the resting place for visiting gods. On thw way back stop at Celuk - the silver and gold crafts areas of Bali.




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