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Sanghyang  Dance

There two kinds of Sanghyang dance, Sanghyang Dedari and Sanghyang Jaran. In Sanghyang Dedari, two pre-puberscent girls are gradually put into trance. They are carried on shoulders around the village , stopping at magically-charged spots such as crossroads, bridges and in front of the homes of people who can transform themselves into leyak or witches.

In Sanghyang Jaran, a small number of men are put into trance - they fall to the ground and rush to grab hobby horses. During the pre-trance chanting, they lit coconut shells, leaving red hot coals. The trancers are said to be attracted by all forms of fire and onlookers are required not to smoke. The entranced dancers leap into the coals, prancing on top of them, picking up the hot pieces and bathing themselves in fire. The sanghyang are accompanied only be kecak chorus of chanting men.



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