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Bali is divided into eight regencies for administrative purposes, corresponding to the old Balinese kingdoms. There are :

A ninth kingdom, Mengwi existed until the end of the 19th century.

With 5,700 sq. kilometers and inhabited by approximately 3 million people, Bali boasts the finest beaches in Asia, even in the world where the warm waters of India Ocean lap the white sands of Sanur and Kuta located on the eastern and western coasts of the southern part of the Bali island. The Nusa Dua peninsula on the southern tip is still growing as a tourist resort.

In Bali (land of 10,000 temples), the "pura" is the central place for worship, civic, family and social gathering. Bali dance, drama and ritual and cremation ceremonies are an integral part of Balinese Hindu Cultures. A vibrant culture, unique arts and ceremonies, a friendly people and scenic beauty make Bali an island almost unreal in today's changing world . Bali's international airport, Ngurah Rai, is the nation's eastern gateway, served by numerous international airlines and charter flights.

This rich blend of its tradition and culture naturally acted as a magnet to Bali for the tourists. The mesmerizing sounds of the gamelan, the countless scared and secular  dances, beautiful textiles, the wayang style of painting are among some of the elements of Balinese culture the have long captured the hearts of visitors. An important part of the Bali Culture, dance and drama are regarded as expression of devotion to the gods and means of infusing the younger generation with old values.




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